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I want to tell you what I BELIEVE but first: A modern-day parable:

Put it on JCís Tab

by Sunny Snaith

You are part of a large group of people who go to a nice restaurant for dinner. You get so caught up in the conversation that you forget all about the bill, ordering an expensive entree, several appetizers, a nice dessert, and many expensive drinks.

The waiter comes to the table and asks if everyone is finished and if he should bring the checks. Suddenly you realize thereís no way you can pay the bill. What are you going to do? Then JC generously offers to pick up the check for everyone, just write "Put it on JCís tab" on the check. You breathe a sigh of relief and thank JC.

Then you realize that the person next to you doesnít understand what just happened:

Either way, you feel compelled to explain the truth to him:

After youíve explained the situation, the guy sitting next to you may still refuse the offer:

The only thing you can think of to do is to ask JC to go and talk to him, which he does. Of course, the guy may still refuse, but youíve done all you can.

Then you see a guy at the other end of the table ordering a platter of caviar, three bottles of the finest champagne, and seven cheesecakes Ďto goí, since JC is picking up the tab anyway. Obviously this guy doesnít realize or appreciate the gift heís been given, for he shows no sign of gratitude or respect.

You explain to him how wrong his actions are in hopes that he may fully realize the gift he has received.


I BELIEVE that God exists and that He set out a moral law for us to obey.

I BELIEVE that we have turned away from God by breaking his moral law and sinning against him, thereby earning for ourselves the prescribed punishment: death and damnation.

I BELIEVE that, although He is compassionate, God is also just: the debt cannot be ignored, it must be paid.

I BELIEVE that Godís love for us is so great that, through Jesus Christ, He offered to pay our debt by taking on himself the punishment we deserved.

I BELIEVE that this sacrifice was made once for the sins of all men, if only theyíll accept it.

I BELIEVE that accepting this gift also means accepting the responsibility to share it with others.

I BELIEVE that a full understanding of this gift instills a sense of gratitude, respect, worship, and love toward God.

I BELIEVE that this understanding warrants an attitude of selflessness, returning to God the gift of our life through changing our attitudes and actions.

I BELIEVE that God loves us and wants to have a personal relationship with us, involving spending time together and learning about each other (through prayer and reading the Bible).

I BELIEVE that He saved me from death, so I will spend the rest of my life giving it back to Him.

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