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Here are links to some nifty companies . . .

This is mostly a quick list of the companies which
provided services and resources for my webpages
... plus a few links of shameless self-promotion.

Sunshine HTML Resource The Sunshine HTML Resource is a quick reference for those already familiar with HTML but needing an occasional reminder. It utilizes "frames" (in a sensible way) to provide simultaneous access to tag syntax and related footnotes. Fully interconnected, this guide puts what you're looking for just a click away. Check it out and let me know what you think.
Google has lots of *FREE* Services & Tools, which I am only now discovering (more info as I learn it). Google Maps is really cool. Or, try typing the letters define: before a word you'd like defined -- even better than Webster, below!
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster *FREE* online Dictionary and Thesaurus.
Snopes is a *FREE* online repository of Urban Legends with evidence of each story's validity (or lack thereof). Have you read something strange in an email? Check it out here before you forward it to others.
Bottom Line Secrets Bottom Line / Personal is a newsletter containing secrets from experts on Health, Wealth, Life, Business, Leisure, and People. They have 6 *FREE* online articles each week.
Log In      Sunny's Favorites sells lots of wonderful stuff at very good prices. I'm in the process of creating My Favorites -- with recommended books, albums, and movies. Now my reviews offer the opportunity to purchase the item (and maybe I can get a buck or two to help fund this site!).

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*FREE* !!!

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*FREE* !!!
Log In      Sun Stuff Store makes designing and selling custom merchandise easy, fun and *FREE* !!! Just login to, upload your artwork and start selling custom merchandise with your own private online store! No longer do you need to purchase a minimum quantity of products from a screen printer, manage inventory, worry about collecting money, ship orders, or handle returns. You set the profit margin and they send you your cut. Check out my Sun Stuff Store (referral code: sunstuff).
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VistaPrint offers 250 *FREE* business cards for only $5.25 shipping. I've ordered from them twice (see my Christmas Card and my Calling Card) and I couldn't be more pleased. Whether you're looking for something artsy or more professional, there are 30 free designs and over 300 specialty ones. I even get a small commission if you order through my referral link above. *grin* Polls offers a lot of *FREE* tools, including an online poll tool that lets you create multiple polls on your site and track the results with an easy interface.
My Yahoo
Geocities      Personals
Yahoo offers *FREE* email, BLOGS, and homepages. You get 15 megabytes web space so you have lots of room for pages, images, audio files, etc. Yahoo also offers blogs, chat rooms, guestbooks, and tools to help the novice homepage builder. I've even posted My Profile in their personals section (under flirty_nicegirl).
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iPowerWeb offers web hosting for as little as $6.95 per month for 300 GB! (with the 24-month pre-paid plan). Check out all their other nifty features, too. also provides *FREE* email services.
Our Daily Bread This *FREE* online version of the popular Our Daily Bread devotional guide has links to the suggested reading passages so you don't need to have your Bible with you. I love this devotional because it makes studying the Bible convenient and easy. It automatically links to the NIV translation via Bible Gateway, but you can easily switch to one of 16 other English translations or one of 29 other languages, if you prefer.
Discovery Series
Discovery Series Booklets are from the people who publish the Our Daily Bread devotional (see above). There are more than 170 *FREE* booklets covering many religious topics and lots of everyday issues. (Available both online and via snail mail)
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Christian Courses Online offers *FREE* web classes on a variety of Christian topics, brought to you by the people who publish the Our Daily Bread devotional guide (see above). You can even get *FREE* continuing education credits! I've just found this site -- I'll post more info as I learn about it. My current class is Reasons to Believe in a God Who Allows Suffering.
The Quotations Page
Quotes of the Day
The Quotations Page has a nice collection of quotes with the ability to search by author or subject. They've got a Quotes of the Day page and you can even collect your favorites on your own *FREE* Quotes Page. (Check out The Literature Page from the same folks.)
Columbia House
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Columbia House DVD Club:
5 DVDs for $.49 each with *FREE* shipping. You commit to buy 5 more in 2 years.
BMG Music
BMG Music Club: 12 CDs for the price of ONE (+ s&h) and no commitment to buy any more (details).

RESUME Here is My Resume. I am an accomplished computer professional who is adaptable, accurate, efficient, and creative, with a focus on problem-solving, time management, and training others. I have been coding in HTML since 1994 and have provided online grammatical proofing services for a fee or in exchange for products and services.
Monster Jobs
My Monster
Monster Jobs:
Online job search and resume/career tools.

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