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Why Another HTML Guide?

When I began learning HTML I ran across several good HTML Guides. They were perfect for learning to code in HTML but were hard to use once I knew exactly what piece of information I needed.

This guide, however, is designed to be a quick reference for those who are already familiar with HTML but who need an occasional reminder about the various tag attributes and acceptable attribute values (in other words, people like me).

After I interconnected all the information using web links (see below), I thought other people would find it useful so I published it on the web.

So, "give her a test drive" and let me know what you think!

A Brief History of this Resource

  • Started out as a set of handwritten notes back when HTML 2.0 was the hottest thing -- ?

  • Typed up -- late 1995?

  • Hyperlinked resource -- early 1996?

  • Updated for HTML 3.2 -- mid 1996?

  • Brackets and sample code inserted -- late 1996?

  • Totally neglected -- 1997-1999

  • Re-designed and updated for HTML 4.0 -- mid 2000

  • Migrated to a custom domain name ( ) -- early 2002

  • Migrated to a *new* custom domain ( ) -- mid 2003
    (Original domain name is still functional)

If you like the Sunshine HTML Resource or have suggestions for making it better, please fill out this comment form.

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